Boat trip on Napa King II

Napa King II

Napa King II

Famagusta seen from afar

Famagusta seen from afar

sea caves

sea caves

Napa King II boat trip to Famagusta, then Cape Greco with a stop for swimming, then return to Protaras.

As the boat set sail from Protaras Pier, Zorba the Greek. The last time I heard played was at a St Joseph’s Day party in Athens in March with Paulo Coelho.

To Famagusta is a little misleading, the boat sees Famagusta from afar, then returns.

Today was clearer then most days, the mountains in the occupied north of the island could be seen, and Famagusta, usually a smudge on the horizon, could be clearly seen.

Famagusta is a ghost town, and has been so ever since the Turkish invasion and occupation of 1974. A situation to which the rest of the world turns a blind eye.

Cyprus is now facing a second crisis, as bad as the Turkish invasion with the destruction of its banking sector, theft of money from bank accounts.

Froma Famagusta, Napa King II sails to Cape Greco, where sea caves a little church and Lover’s Bridge can be seen.

Anchor is dropped to allow people to go swimming.

Napa King II then returns to the pier at Protaras.

On board a charming Russian translator for Russian visitors who may not know know English.

Napa King II sails from Protaras Pier twice a day, 11am in the morning and 2pm in the afternoon. There are also occasional night sailings to watch the sun setting.

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