The Royal Deer

The Royal Deer

The Royal Deer

The Royal Deer press cutting from Farnham Diary

The Royal Deer press cutting from Farnham Diary

We are losing 18 pubs a week. They are not dying, they are being killed by greedy pubcos (pub owning companies) that are screwing pub landlords with extortionate rents and drink prices often double the market rate, with the net result the pub goes bust and is then put on the market for redevelopment.

For a pub to be brought back from te dead is a rare event, a cause for celebtration.

One such pub is The Royal Deer in Farnham.

But this will be more than a pub. Marios, who runs The Barn, a highly successfiul arts centre, plans to do the same with The Royal Deer.

Like The Barn, The Royal Deer will be a cultural centre, live music, theatre, films, excellent food, art exhibitions, yoga, art classes.

It is a development The Tumbledown Dick in Farnborough (currently earmaked for destruction for a Drive-hru McDonald’s) will be well advised to follow closely.

The earliest recorded publican or licensee for The Royal Deer is Henry Jouning in 1878.

5 Responses to “The Royal Deer”

  1. simontaylor Says:

    Good stuff. I assume he has bought the property? That’s what the Tumbledown needs – a brave investor. Maybe Mr Panteli would be interested in Farnborough, seeing as he has to surrender his license for his existing premises?

  2. keithpp Says:

    He does not have to surrender his licence for The Barn.

    He has no interest in The Tumbledown Dick, which at the moment is not for sale.

  3. simontaylor Says:

    The article says that was a condition from the council that he should surrender the licence for the Barn?

    If planning gets blocked for McDonald’s though (as is the plan), the Tumbledown may go up for sale again.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Press report was wrong. He does not have to hand back licence and has no intention of doing so.

    Focus on reality, not if and maybe.

    What is needed in Farnborough is a pub protection policy. Then, should The Tumbledown Dick come on the market, it would have to be sold as a pub free of pubco tie.

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