Pubs screwed by greedy pubcos

Pubs are closing at the rate of 18 a week. Not because the pub landlords cannot organise a piss up in a brewery, though that certainly is true of some pub landlords, but because they are being screwed by greedy pubcos (pub owning companies) who are charging extortionate rent and above market prices for drinks.

Essentially we have a mediaeval system of serfdom. Many pub landlords are struggling on £15,000 a year, or less. And no, that is not a typo.

The pub landlord goes bust, the pub is sold off for redevelopment.

This does not have to be. There is much that can be done locally.

Is the pub listed as a community asset? Is it listed by English Heritage or locally as a building of local historical importance? Is there a pub protection policy in place?

Nationally, there is now such concern at the rate of loss of pubs, and the mediaeval serfdom in which pub landlords operate, that the government has launched a pub consultation exercise. Does your pub landlord know about this, is it being publicised to those who frequent the pub? Pass the word, participate, unless you want to find your pub closed and boarded up next time you pop down for a drink. The closing date for responses is 14 June 2013.

Please also support Fair Deal for Your Local, and ensure your local pub is on board.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    Reading Beer Festival: Campaigners fight for British pubs

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