Afternoon in Godalming

Godalming Parish Church

Godalming Parish Church

A pleasant sunny day in Godalming.

Whilst in Godalming Parish Church the battery for my camera died. Very annoying as wished to photograph the piano, then around Godalming.

Very good lunch at Café Mila. Stuffed aubergine and greenery, followed by cheesecake and a tea.

Left at Café Mila three books by Paulo Coelho.

Return to Aldershot, was to be 71 bus to Haslemere, then 19 to Frensham and Godalming, but over twenty minutes late, still had not turned up.

Whilst waiting for 71 bus, popped into the Godalming Museum to see what their exhibition was (seems a bit dumb not to have a board outside). It was excellent pastel art of Godalming and surroundings. A lot better than some of the rubbish that gets exhibited. A pity though art was covered in glass. But only on until Saturday.

No sign of 71 bus, caught instead the 43, which goes an entirely different route.

Past Charterhouse school, heavily wooded, rolling hills, open pastures, trees coming into leaf.


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