Lunch at Debenhams

roast pork and vegetables

roast pork and vegetables

River Wey Guildford

River Wey Guildford

The roast pork at Debenhams probably was quite good, had I been earlier, but due to kerfuffle at Guildford Station was late, the vegetables may have been edible, maybe the service may have been better and the tables cleared.

Service appalling. 5-10 minutes wait to be served. Another 5 minutes wait to pay. I almost walked out. Tables not cleared.

I should have gone to The keystone for lunch.

The only redeeming factor, the view of the River Wey.

The roast pork was the scrag end leftovers. More than I could eat. I thought maybe they had boxes for customers to take out their cakes. But no. problem solved, squeezed into a takeaway coffee cup.

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