Disastrous day in Guildford and Godalming

River Wey Godalming

River Wey Godalming

River Wey Godalming

River Wey Godalming

I alight from Reading-Gatwick train at Guildford, realise have left Railcard on train, but not allowed back on train to retrieve, then do battle with several different rail companies.

Late lunch at Debenhams. Roast pork probably was quite good had I been earlier. I get dried up leftovers.

Decide to hop on a bus to Godalming for tea and a cake. As I approach bus stop, I see a bus approaching, stick out my hand for bus to stop. Bus sails past. Bastard! Long wait for next bus which is over ten minutes late.

Godalming I find coffee bar has closed early as quiet day.

I decide to sit by the river, only to find most of the seats have been ripped out.

I walk to bus stop, only to find I have missed a bus, long wait for next bus.

I walk back to the river, discover I have lost my hat, sun in my eyes.

By now, very bad headache.

I walk back to bus stop. I expect long wait as buses always late. Bus is early, not only early, but leaves early, I am very lucky to have caught the bus.

But at least the evening talk by Canon Robert Cotton of Holy Trinity and St Mary on Resurrection and beyond was to end the day on a high note.

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