St George’s Day

Guildford farmers market - St George's Day

Guildford farmers market – St George’s Day

Guildford farmers market usually the first Tuesday of the month. Today a special farmers market in Guildford to mark St George’s Day.

In the woods, trees are starting to come into leaf, woodland banks have primroses.

Horrified to see morons sat on Alice reading to her sister on the banks of the River Wey.

A very warm sunny day. Every patch of grass covered with people, pubs packed outside.

I did not pick up much from the farmers market, mainly because unless you want something bottled or baked or processed or meat, there is not a lot there this time of year. Come June, there will be English strawberries, which put rubbish imported strawberries to shame.

Lunch at Thai Restaurant. Too crowded to go to a pub.

Saddened to see the net café next to the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage is closing down at the end of this month. But everyone now has a laptop, smart phone, free wifi everywhere, no longer a demand for net cafés unless lots of passing tourists.

Plan was visit Alice, maybe exhibition, then head off home, sit in the garden, read a book and enjoy the sun.

But the best laid plans of mice and men …

On my way into the Castle Grounds, I passed a new little deli cum café, Milk & Honey, popped in to have a look and spent the afternoon there.

By the time I left, it was late afternoon, early evening. I decided to find Alice, and sat there for a while.

Then time to head home. I was worried that with the clear skies, once the sun was gone temperatures would plummet, but surprisingly, no.

English think St George’s Day is something uniquely English. It is not. It is celebrated in Brazil, in Greece.

Today also World Book Day, and yet I saw nothing to mark it anywhere. Though I had noticed last week a notice in Guildford Library.

Today Shakespeare’s Birthday, but again not a mention anywhere.

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