Afternoon in Farnham

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

A pleasant day in Farnham. A marked contrast to last week.

Last week was cold and miserable and wet. Today, in the shade was actually much colder than last week, but in the sun, very warm.

I sat in the churchyard of Farnham Parish Church. Clear blue sky and the sun was quite burning.

I then had a long chat with the verger whilst he was waiting for a singer who was performing that night.

I suggested they put their Parish Magazine on their website. As he was the editor, he thought an excellent idea. Last week I had picked up a copy of the Parish Magazine because of an article on Occupied Palestine. He the same article was now on the noticeboard in the porch, plus pictures.

Late lunch in The Barn.

Most annoyed the bus drove off earlier, leaving me behind. Nearly an hour wait for the next bus,. I caught a different bus. Nearly half an hour wait for next bus, which was then over ten minutes late.

Clear sky, which gave strong sun during the day, meant it was very cold once the sun dropped.


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