Lovely spring day in the garden



garden path

garden path

Hard to believe the contrast with yesterday.

Yesterday was cold, wet and miserable. What a difference a day makes. Today warm and sunny, a strong breeze blowing, but it is warm breeze. It is more like a summer’s day than spring.

Have the seasons caught up with themselves, spring bypassed and advanced to summer?

Doors and windows open to invite in the warm air and air the house. It is warmer outside than inside.

Grass mowed, more lawn repair.

A path that was bark chippings, and once grass, spiked, compost spread, grass seed grown.

If it hits 20 C, then it will be the first time in six months.

If it passes 20 C, then it will be the first time since September of last year.

Then, just as I was thinking I will sit in the garden and read a book, enjoy the spoils of my labour, dark clouds rolled in and it started to rain.

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