Cold wet afternoon in Farnham

falafel and Greek salad

falafel and Greek salad

Last week sunny, though cold in the shade, this week cold and raining, a marked contrast to last week.

Midday, I manged a little more lawn repair, which I started a few days ago, spike with a fork, sprinkle compost, then sow grass seed. Two robins came to inspect the work.

Then came the rain.

A cold, wet, miserable afternoon in Farnham.

In the Parish Church, a lot of candles burning, no spare candles. Then I noticed all exactly the same length, all seventeen of them. I guess kids, though could could have been someone with seventeen candles to light.

Prayer card writ for Annie. But no candle lit, as no spare candles.

I picked up the Parish magazine. The April issue has an interesting article on a trip to Occupied Palestine. It is pleasing there are some churches who are keeping these issue alive, not like many that do not give a damn.

WHSmith now has several copies of Manuscript Found in Accra on display, now that is no longer at half price. I was going to raise with the manager, but did not see and from my last encounter finding to be as thick as tow short planks, thought why bother.

Waterstone’s has three on display with new books as walk in the door.

Late lunch in The Barn, falafel and Greek salad. No piano, but may be possible to obtain a keyboard.

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