Pleasant spring afternoon in Farnham

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

Manuscript Found in Accra new books in Waterstone's

Manuscript Found in Accra new books in Waterstone’s

falafel and Greek salad

falafel and Greek salad

Two days ago it was snowing, today it was pleasantly warm. At least it was in the spring sunshine, in the shade it was still very cold.

March 2013: The coldest March since 1962. March was colder than December, January or February. Easter Sunday was the coldest on record.

As it was a lovely day, I only wish I had got out sooner and made the most of the day. I did not get to Farnham until until late afternoon.

I did not expect to find the Parish Church open, but luckily I did, and met the new vicar (he said he had been in post for about four weeks). I mentioned about the Easter paintings. He said there was now some information on them. I also found what I thought was the Last Supper. I learnt that none is the Last Supper. I also learnt there are 14, though I have only found 12.

WHSmith had one copy of Manuscript Found in Accra. I asked the manager was this all they had? She checked, and said they had eight. This I queried, as another store the day before said they had only one, and one was all I could find. She told me they had had a delivery that day. An international best seller, and they cannot be bothered to put out on the shelves. No wonder WHSmith is a failing High Street retailer when they have staff like this.

Watersone’s had three copies of Manuscript Found in Accra and they were on prominent display with new books as walk in the door.

Very late lunch at The Barn, falafel and Greek salad.

On leaving The Barn, gone seven o’clock, it seemed strange still lightm the clocks having changed to summer time last weekend.

Waiting for bus, luckily on time, already getting very cold.

When I alight from second bus, now gone eight and getting dark, very very cold.

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