April Fool’s Day: Clocks set back to Dickensian times

David Cameron

David Cameron

ConDem cuts

ConDem cuts

A little late night political philosophy: it’s not enough to fight Tories so Labour get in as Tory-lite, we have to rewrite the agenda. — Mark Thomas

I want to wake up & discover that Tories’ decision to destroy welfare state & impoverish millions is elaborate April Fool. — Laurie Penny

When the social contract is broken, the people must revolt. — John Locke

Today is April Fool’s Day, or All Fools Day, the day when the hated and reviled ConDem Government set the clocks back to the 19th Century and ushered in a world familiar to Charles Dickens, a world of child labour, poverty, the workhouse and the Poor Laws.

It is day when the rich were given tax cuts and to pay for it the poor saw their benefits cut.

People who are at death’s door are told they are fit for work and have their Disability Benefits taken away.

It was the day Parliamentarians saw an increased their expenses by 25%.

It was the day when the poor were told they have to pay a Bedroom Tax, £14 a week for the first spare bedroom, £25 a week for more than one spare bedroom.

When the Window Tax was brought in, people bricked up their windows. What do we do now, brick up our bedrooms?

Councils are now levying Council Tax on the poor. A measure voted through by councillors who when not in bed with developers, are voting to increase their own allowances, after all, it is hard work working on behalf of developers, screwing local businesses and the local community.

Ian Duncan Smith, a man who has not done an honest day’s work in his life, who sponges off his wealthy wife, says these measures are to help the poor out of poverty.

Note: A petition has been launched calling for Iain Duncan Smith to survive on £53 a week. Please sign and pass to others.

Not content with impoverishing millions, today is also the day the ConDem Government privatise the NHS.

And if this was not enough, Legal Aid is also to be cut.

The best spineless Ed Miliband can offer, apart from infantile public schoolboy sound bites, is Tory Lite.

The only opposition in Parliament is Caroline Lucas and a handful of decent back benchers.

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