Toby Carvery Aldershot

I walked in and the first thing that hit was the noise, the loud music, I nearly turned on my heals and walked out. I regret I did not.

People want to relax when having a meal, not have to shout above loud music.

I was escorted to a table by a window. Normally that would be be my preference, but it was cold. Those who arrived a little later and were sat further in, closer to the food, complained it was cold and were moved elsewhere. Another couple, sat down, who I assumed to be the head chef, came across and spoke to them. They got up and walked out.

The portions were meagre if not mean, poor quality meat. The person serving surly. The vegetables looked tired, as though sitting there for hours. I also noticed, but only later when I saw someone had peas on their plate, that only half the vegetables that should have been there were there. I also noticed from the menu that if you paid extra, you got larger portions. This is like the cowboy charter airlines. Reduce your luggage allowance from the standard 20 kg, then charge for extra luggage allowance, or worse no luggage allowance at all.

Toby carvery in Aldershot has been open at most three months, and yet it is already looking shabby, paint peeling off the walls, toilet door jams. As I walked in to the Toby Carvery, there was a sign warning the door was broken.

Outside it said breakfast served. No mention what. No mention on the menu either.

It was fairly empty. The staff out numbered those eating. Each time I have passed by and looked in, it has looked empty. I asked was it always like this, and was told yes, the novelty on opening had already passed.

Apart from one charming young waitress, the vibes given off by the staff was one of glum resignation, rather be some place else.

Totally lacking in atmosphere.

Not a place I would recommend if you want a decent carvery. I wonder how long it will be before it closes?

There is a Toby Carvery on the way out of Frimley. It is far better, or was, maybe it too has dropped its standards. Or is this because it is Aldershot, standards low, nowehere decent to eat?

For an excellent carvery try The Foresters on the way to Fleet.

The Toby Carvery is part of a group of tacky chain eateries in Westgate, or Waste Gate as local retailers are calling it.

Westgate is an ugly retail development on the edge of Aldershot town centre, that is killing the town centre. If all the eateries are as bad as the Toby Carvery, then they have nothing to worry about, or at least would not if there were any decent restaurants in Aldershot, which there are not.

For every meal eaten in one of these chain eateries that is a meal not eaten in a local restaurant. For every pound spent, it is a pound drained out of the local economy, compared with a pound recycled in the local economy.

When I have eaten in the Toby outside Frimley, I have felt too full to move. I left the Aldershot Toby Carvery feeling hungry.

I wandered through the town. There were few people about even though it was market day (and Easter school holidays). I noticed big gaps where there would have been stalls. As predicted, Westgate is causing the collapse of the street market. The quality fruit and vegetable stall near The Arcade, which has always been busy, had not a single customer. And yet the council claim Westgate is good for Aldershot, though this is not the view of either retailers, shoppers or residents, who see Westgate as an unmitigated disaster for Aldershot.

The only place I saw was busy as I walked past was McDonald’s. Says it all really, this is Aldershot.

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2 Responses to “Toby Carvery Aldershot”

  1. simontaylor Says:

    Not sure I’d have bothered with a Toby in the first place, but I certainly won’t now!

  2. keithpp Says:

    That was the view of a friend, she would not eat in a Toby Carvery.

    But having said that, I have eaten in the one outside Frimley and it has always been good.

    Not what could be said about the one in Aldershot. You would be wise to give it a miss.

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