Caroline Lucas: Launch of the People’s Assembly

Caroline Lucas MP speaking at the launch of the People’s Assembly.

The People’s Assembly is a broad coalition formed to oppose the hated ConDem Government.

It is a real coalition, not a coalition of convenience where the despised LibDems will do anything to remain in power.

The ConDem Government delight in the deficit as it gives them the excuse for slash and burn of the public sector.

We live in a world where the rich have their taxes cut because they work harder, the poor have their benefits cut because it makes them work harder.

It was not the poor who caused the economic crisis it was the greedy bankers, compounded by the idiot we have as Chancellor.

If you are rich you will get State handouts to pay for the nanny for your spoilt brats. If you are a single mother on benefits trying the best you can to bring up your kids, the government will force you off benefits.

If you are sick, if you are at death’s door, the government will find you fit for work and cut your disability benefits.

Come April, the poor will see their benefits cut, they will be hit with a bedroom tax, they will be forced to pay Council tax.

Meanwhile the greedy bankers who caused the economic crisis award themselves multimillion pound bonuses.

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One Response to “Caroline Lucas: Launch of the People’s Assembly”

  1. keithpp Says:

    April Fool’s Day: Clocks set back to Dickensian times

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