Farnham in the snow

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church in the  snow

Farnham Parish Church in the snow

candles lit for Paulo and Annie

candles lit for Paulo and Annie

The Alchemist special edition

The Alchemist special edition

Manuscript Found in Accra released before publication date

Manuscript Found in Accra released before publication date

It was snowing all morning, then started to melt, the paths slush, easiest to walk in the road.

Farnham there was very little snow, a little around the church, and that was it.

In the Parish Church, interesting pictures of Easter, a pity not original paintings.

I lit two candles, or I tried, I succeeded in putting out the flames for lighting the candles. I lit a candle from a candle elsewhere, then with difficulty got the two flames alight.

Two candles lit, one for my friend Paulo Coelho as thanks for the wonderful St Joseph’s Day Party he hosted in Athens, the other for my lovely friend Annie who I met at Paulo’s party.

Manuscript Found in Accra published in Spanish, in Greek, would Waterstone’s in Farnham have a copy, or even know what I was talking about? There was only one way to find out.

I walked into Waterstone’s in Lion and Lamb Courtyard. Nothing in the window, nothing on display, nothing with the other Paulo Coelho books. I asked. To my surprise, the lady knew what I was talking about, led me to a display, and there it was on display.

I was surprised they had it, let alone on display, on sale. I asked when they received it. I think she said 21 March and decided to put it on display, on sale, as though not officially due for publication until 28 March 2013, the publisher had set no embargo and they decided to put it on sale.

Makes a pleasant change for Waterstone’s to actually have a book worth reading on display, especially after the fiasco with Aleph and NeverSeconds.

Manuscript Found in Accra is available in Spain, Greece, Cyprus.

It will be published in UK (I think US too) 28 March 2013. Many bookshops in England already have on sale as they have received copies from the publisher, and the publisher neglected to impose an embargo.

Late lunch at The Barn.

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