skewered pork with potatoes and vegetables

skewered pork with potatoes and vegetables

Strofi is located a couple of blocks away from the Acropolis Museum.

It was empty. I enquired did they have a roof top restaurant, and almost as an afterthought, was it extra?

Yes and no was the answer. But the man had to go up and check. Check what? A few minutes later, he came back dpwn and led me up stairs.

The place was almost empty. A view of the Acropolis was claimed. To be correct, a view of the Parthenon, and that was obscured by plastic sheeting. Music from a nearby speaker. When the menu came there was nothing I fancied. They charged for bread as an extra. I settled on skewered pork, served with potatoes and vegetables. It was not cheap, 13 euros.

A long wait. What was I doing here, no atmosphere, expensive, I should have gone to one of the restaurants in Plaka.

Food finally arrived. Large pieces of pork, not obvious at first, samdwiched between griiled peppers, the vegetables, peppers and courgettes, appeared to have been grilled (though said was from the oven).

Portion size was not small and it was delicious. I could have done with more potatoes.

After my meal I was given a complimentary liquor.

I declined dessert, though on my way out they looked delicious, and I regretted my decision.

On my way down I looked in the first floor. This would be a far better place to sit as the view is through glass, not plastic.

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