Airport into Athens

A choice, metro or bus.

I chose the bus. It is cheaper, I did not see the metro station, I thought there would be more to see by bus, the bus was about to leave.

Express bus X95 departs from between exit 4 and 5 from the airport.

It was 1830, a bus was due to leave at 1840. At this time of the evening they appeared to be every 15 minutes as the next bus was 1855.

A little kiosk near the bus, 5 euros.

A fairly depressing journey into the centre of Athens, Pizza Hut, Starbucks.

Finally a main square, or the edge of.

I had no idea where to go next. Exit the square, I was told, but which exit.

I caught a taxi. It was only a few minutes ride, minimum fare 5 euros.

If you take the metro it is the blue line.


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