Cavalier attitude to gun safety

gun stupidity

gun stupidity

Guns are not toys, they are lethal weapons, their primary purpose to kill. When handling guns, gun discipline is vital.

Hard to credit then, that at hotel, so-called entertainers or animators at the hotel, go around after breakfast to the guests around the pool, rifle in hand, asking if they would like a bit of fun.

They are then lead not to a well run firing range but up to a terrace, to do a bit of shooting surrounded by other guests on their sunbeds.

Guns are not toys. When used, should be in a restricted area, gun discipline and respect should be instilled before anyone fires a single shot.

For where it was taking place, the person about to fire, only had to be distracted, turn around, and those on the sunbeds would be in the line of fire.

The pellets were left lying around, no attempt was made to clean up afterwards. Fortunately not steel, else would have got embedded in bare feet. But unfortunately lead. Birds pick up. The birds die, or are eaten, the lead finds its way into the soil and into ground water. Lead is a neurotoxin.

When the safety aspects are pointed out, and and are totally disregarded, indeed an arrogant contempt is shown for safety, then those responsible are not simply negligent, they are criminally negligent, and that includes the hotel management who were aware and did nothing to order a halt or discipline the staff involved.

The irony was there was a relatively safe area that could have been used that would have put others at less risk.

But with all the concern regarding gun crime, should this have been happening at all?

Maybe they should ponder what the bodies of the children looked like gunned down in the Newton massacre, their bodies torn to shreds from the rounds from an assault rifle.

This crass stupidity takes place three times a week.

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