Imágenes de la Compañía MuvenDanz

MuvenDanz - Imágenes

MuvenDanz – Imágenes

MuvenDanz - Imágenes

MuvenDanz – Imágenes

Modern dance in three movements from the modern dance company MuvenDanz at Teatro Sala Timanfaya.

  • Núcleo
  • Ellas y Ellos
  • Así Somas

A box office with a little wooden shuttered window, then directed to another door that led into the theatre, dark and gloomy, fusty, impossible to read the programme in the dull light. At the back an original cine projector.

The lights went out, pitch black. Some shuffling on stage, something barely visible on stage, a ghostly outline, then on came a few spotlights.

The first movement more like meditation, then girls and guys, then tango, including Astor Piazzolla. The music for the first movement was very much akin to the Era trilogy by Eric Levi, in the second Clannad.

Very clever, as the music fades, the light fades, the dancers move to the back of the stage and appear to approach infinity, then vanish.

An incredible perfomance.

I talked with the lead dancer and director of the group Ana María after the performance. I suggested they came to England, maybe the Wimbledon Music Festival (although they appear already to have their programme for November 2013) or Electric Theatre in Guildford.

Throughout excellent music, none of which I recognised apart from the Astor Piazzolla, though maybe I should have recognised the Emerson, Lake and Palmer (though could have been a piece I did not know).

Breathtaking dancing, most of it bare foot.

Teatro Sala Timanfaya, just off Plaza Charco en Puerto de la Cruz, used to be a cinema, now a theatre.

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