Ábaco Mansión Canaria

Ábaco Mansión Canaria

Abaco is a grand Canarian Mansion house dating from 18th century which the present owner has carefully restored. It is high above Puerto de la Cruz overlooking the town.

On Friday they have live music in the bar, on alternate weekends, concerts in the salon.

Off the bar, a a billiard table, dating from the period of the house. Sadly I was not able to play it.

During the day, the house is open to the public, but as it is open during concerts and when the bar is open, maybe best to visit then.

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2 Responses to “Abaco”

  1. ricardo Says:

    Thanks a lot Keith for sharing this blog with us ,, . Nice that you liked our music on last friday in Abaco. Hope to see you again soon, as well as thanks for linking our Funkfarria web page.
    Best regards.
    Ricardo (drummer)

  2. keithpp Says:

    My pleasure, it was an excellent concert. It is aways a pleasure to hear excellent musicians live.

    Música en vivo en Abaco

    I am only sorry I was the only one there, on the otherhand it was magical to have a grand Canary mansion house all to myself, to wander in the grounds and hear the music drifting out.

    Please upload your music to bandcamp, as you will then reach a far wider audience.

    I would also suggets you have your CDs at your concerts at the price of 5€ as you will sell lots.

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