Concierto de Jazz

concierto de jazz

concierto de jazz

I was in two minds to attend the concert or not.

I am no great lover of jazz. To me it all sounds the same. The exception being more avent-garde jazz, for example Icelandic Jazz.

My experience of concerts promoted by Rosa Maria Fuentes en Centro Astoria-Bambi has to date not been good.

But, if you attend a concert with expectations not high and it is good, you are delighted.

I arrived 15 minutes before the concert was due to start. The area on the balcony was packed, and it is only possble to see from the front row.

A strange arrangement. A platform, only visible from the front row if on the balcony, a bar where one is below the platform, whether or not a view depends upon where the players sit. It is not known how the players are arranged until the concert starts.

Neo-classical columns within apartments.

I was told I would not be able to see and was directed to the bar.

Blue Note is a celebrated Jazz label, this was a celebration of Blue Note, a tribute to Blue Note.

A quartet founded by the sax player: tenor sax, double bass, piano and percussion. They were good, incredibly good. Four excellent musicians.

I found I could not have had a better seat.

I wondered, were the musicians improvising, as that is how it seemed, though they were reading from sheet music. I asked after the concert. Yes they were, the sheet music was for the score. It gave the rough direction, they did the rest.

Very dynamic.

Forthcoming concerts:

  • Cuarteto de Clarinetes “Di Bassetto” — 18:00 Domingo 03 de marzo del 2013
  • “Tributo al Bolero” — 20:30 Sábado 09 de marzo del 2013
  • Violin Arpa — 18:00 Domingo 10 de marzo del 2013

Centro Astoria-Bambi and Abaco need to get their act together to ensure they do not both have concerts on Sunday nights. There is after all seven days in the week.

Walking through the empty streets after the concert, the streets were all but deserted, my footsteps echoing down the empty streets, El Limón though was busy.

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