Lunch at Harry´s Gourmeteria

lunch  at Harry´s Gourmeteria

lunch at Harry´s Gourmeteria

The market on a Saturday is very busy as they also hold a street market. There is no a spot of ground to be seen, stalls of all shapes and sizes are squeezed in.

On the first floor, fruit and vegetable stalls, and other food shops. I was sorry though to see the excellent deli had been reduced from two shops to one shop, maybe a sign of the times.

Harry´s Gourmeteria is bucking the trend of empty bars and restaurants. Last year he expanded from one to two shops, his tables and chairs have expanded beyond his own frontage and are now in front of a shop that has closed down. It used to be Harrry and his wife, now he employs three staff.

When I arrived, after wandering arond the stalls, every table and chair was occupied. I did not though have long to wait before a table was free.

I ordered what I can only descibe as a potato fritter, I think Harry calls it potato cake. It would usually be served with apple. This I did not fancy. Harry suggested I had smoked salmon, which seemed a good idea.

The food, as always was excellent, though the potato cake a little too oily, too greasy, it needed a piece of bread.

I mentioned this to Harry when he asked how it was. I said I could tell he had not cooked it and why.

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