Late lunch at The Barn

Falafel, pita bread, homous and a little salad

Falafel, pita bread, homous and a little salad

Falafel, pita bread, homous and a little salad. Delicious. Not something I would enjoy all the time, not even once a week, but every so often it is very enjoyable.

I asked what was the soup, as it did no say on the chalk board in the street. I did not learn what it was, but it must have been popular, as it had gone.

I have previously suggested they chalk up what the soup is as it will bring more people in. But chalking the food on a board in the street is working as last summer The Barn was always empty, now quite busy.

I never understand why people miss the obvious, but maybe focussed on one thing, like preparing the food, you miss the bigger picture. You know what you are serving and automatically assume so does the rest of the world.

I suggested they chalked up on the board in the street: Falafel burgers guaranteed free of horsemeat.

It is lovely and warm and cosy in The Barn now that they keep the barn door closed. Though I can see folk who have not been there before, may be reluctant to open the door to see what is inside. Although on the other hand, when it was left open and freezing cold inside, they would not have wished to stay.

I was joined by the girl selling the Big Issue who I had spoken to earlier on the street in Farnham. Not surprised, she said she was very cold. She then apologized, she had to go to catch the train.

I used to catch the train, but since discovering a bus leaves from outside The Barn, I have tended to catch the bus and of late it has been on time, if not earlier. Today was one of those days when it was earlier. It was already there. I thought I would miss it, but the driver said, if early, they sit and wait.

It had been cold all afternoon in Farnham. It was light when I walked into The Barn. When I left it was dark and very cold. I was pleased I did not have to wait in the cold for a bus.

With places like The Barn serving quality coffee, why do people visit Costa or tax dodging Starbucks?

The Barn is quite literally a barn down a little alley in the centre of Farnham. A cultural space with a kitchen, art, food, music, yoga. Between Lion and Lamb Courtyard and Castle Street almost opposite Downing Street. Cross on the pedestrian crossing if walking up Downing Street and it takes you almost straight in their door.

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