Lunch at Pimento Tea Rooms

Pimento Tea Rooms

Pimento Tea Rooms

Thai green curry

Thai green curry

Pimento Tea Rooms is a lovely tea shop near the top of Steep Hill.

I had intended to have lunch at Pimento Tea Rooms but I had soup first at Stokes on High Bridge having been tempted by their tomato and red pepper soup when I popped in for morning coffee.

Earlier in the week, I had afternoon tea at Pimento Tea Rooms and had been tempted by their lunch menu.

The menu did not seem to have changed since Monday, not a good sign.

I had Thai Green Curry. A big mistake. It was not very good. I am used to eating in a very good Thai restaurant, and this was very poor in comparison.

If this is the best Lincoln can offer for vegetarian meals, and Pimento Tea Rooms promote themselves as Lincoln’s only vegetarian restaurant, then they have a very long way to go. No comparison with Food for Thought in Covent Garden, Guildford Institute in Guildford or Café Mila in Godalming.

Chatting to an interesting couple sitting at the next table, who, like a lady I was chatting to a few days ago, were regulars, they said the best thing about Pimento Tea Rooms was you met interesting people to chat to.

I asked did they know Karl Svarc who was playing there evening Friday 22 February. They said yes. I asked was he on bandcamp? A lady who was listening said yes, he knows everything there is to know about music.

I checked later. No he is not on bandcamp. His website is one of those irritating badly designed websites which plays music without asking. What it did play was very good, but no idea what it was. If the rest of his music was as good, well worth seeing live. What a pity he is not on bandcamp.

I had intended to have a walk around Bailgate then pop back for afternoon tea, but there so long, ordered a date slice which came with cream and a pot of tea.

Whilst having tea, I noticed what looked like Karl Svarc having tea in the parlour. I resisted the temptation of having a chat with him. But having listened to a small sample of music now wish I had, maybe he had a few CDs with him.

Pimento Tea Rooms is unusual in that you enter through a fashion shop. Good for tea and cake, relaxing and chatting, but not for lunch

—- more soon —-


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