Costa try to muscle their way into Bakewell



We see no reason why a Costa store could not fit [in Bakewell] comfortably … our offering is very different to the local independent coffee shops and bakeries. — Costa

Costa just do not seem to learn. They seem to feel they can bully their way into any small town, no matter how clear local folk make it they are not wanted.

Costa tried to muscle their way into Totnes. They were forced out with a very bloodied nose and their tail hanging between their corporate legs.

Now they are trying it on in Bakewell. The local council has granted planning consent, once again we have planners in the pocket of Big Business and not acting in the local interest.

The campaign against Costa has attracted more than 6,000 signatures in six weeks in a local and on-line petition.

I visited Bakewell many years ago. Then it was an unspoilt town nestling in the Derbyshire Hills. Talking to a couple from Nottingham yesterday they said it was still unspoilt, that was why chains like Costa were not wanted.

Lincoln is unusual, only one Costa, one tax dodging Starbucks, and lots of indie coffee shops.

Never a truer word has been said by Costa: our offering is very different to the local independent coffee shops and bakeries. Factory cakes, rubbish coffee, yes, Costa will be markedly different to quality tea and coffee shops serving their own freshly baked cakes.

In their arrogance, Costa cannot see they are not wanted, But then bullies never can.

Totnes made it clear, the Costa would be subject to a boycott, that visitors would be given information on why they were boycotting Costa, they would make sure it was a very costly mistake for Costa.

Bakewell need to do the same. Boycott Costa and ensure visitors take away the boycott Costa message.

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