Chromatic Field 43

That’s ridiculous, my music is like LISTENING to paint dry! — Jamie Crofts

Music recorded at SOUNDkiosk studio, Hove, England and filmed at Tic Toc cafe, Meeting House Lane in Brighton.

I have often walked this route on my way from the seafront up to the station. I can visualise the route, the buildings, maybe this wall.

Chromatic Fields for piano are compositions which in the most part use all of the 88 notes of the piano. This set of Chromatic Fields forms part of an artists’ book, a collaboration with artist Duncan Bullen. The accompanying artwork is as repetitive and monotonous as the music, watching paint dry is probably more exciting.

Two sets of 51 to 59, the first recorded on a Yamaha P-150 electric piano and the other set recorded on a Steinway grand. Chromatic Field 60, the score of which forms the content of the book, is only recorded on the Yamaha.

A cat walking across a keyboard would probably be more interesting.

Last week Jamie Crofts released 5 Nocturnes at The Angel Coffee House in Lincoln. Zilch publicity, an unknown composer, bad weather, not surprising few attended.

5 Nocturnes is a limited edition of 500. At the album launch, 100 were given away, or at least that was the idea. When The Angel Coffee House tried to give away copies the following week, Jamie Crofts got in a strop.

5 Nocturnes is part of an ongoing series Octonic Fields using Octonic Modes (eight notes which divide an octave into four tones and four semitones). The number sequence is octal, ie base eight, hence for 5 Nocturnes we have 14, 15, 16, 17, 20.

Octonic Fields, like Chromatic Fields, is the aural equivalent of watching paint dry.

Jamie Crofts is currently working on counter to 5 Nocturnes, 5 Diurnes, the Brayford Pool by day. To truly reflect the Brayford, this will have to be loud and discordant to represent the ugliness of the Brayford.

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