Day in Lincoln

This morning I was waiting for a bus to travel to Lincoln. Rural buses are not that frequent. No sign of a bus. I then learnt it only ran on Tuesday and Friday. Today being Thursday.

I walked to a main road and caught a bus. I thought every 30 minutes but the buses were every 20 minutes. I did not have long to wait, the bus was only four minutes late, but it was cold and damp, a little above freezing, and by the time I caught the bus, I was chilled to the bone.

Of late I have made it into Lincoln around 9am or earlier. Today 11am it was quite busy in Sincil Street, indeed busier than the High Street. What does that tell us about Clone Town, given a choice, people prefer independent shops than High Street chains. And yet the council is trying to destroy Sincil Street the only remaining heritage in that part of the town centre. To be replaced by what, a soulless shopping centre.

I walked to the end of Sincil Street where there was a boarded-up shop, with the plans for Sincil Street destruction. To my surprise, it had been turned into a pleasant little coffee shop, Revival, serving a dual purpose as a meeting place.

I looked in Stokes on the High Bridge. I expected it to be busy, it wasn’t. It was though cosy and warm compared with last week. Jo had returned from her Amazon adventure. I gave Jemma a copy of The Valkyries.

I was going to have a coffee, but now too late.

The girl in the High Street selling the Big Issue from Romania. She travels in from Leicester every day (or maybe she said Sheffield). It cannot be worth her while, as she has to recover her train fare before she has any money.

Lunch at County Restaurant. Excellent roast pork and excellent leek and potato soup for starters.

I walked back into town, but too full to climb up The Strait and Steep Hill to the Bailgate.

I decided to check in the Central Library. Did they have anything on Sincil Street? Unfortunately not. It would be start from scratch trawl through trade directories.

I found The Angel Coffee House open. I thought it had closed down. I spotted a light on inside, no sign outside to say open, not even the name to indicate open and in business.

Afternoon coffee in Stokes on High Bridge. Wrong way around, it should have been afternoon tea, that sort of place.

I popped back to Revival, the coffee bar end of Sincil Street and dropped off a copy of The Alchemist as they are a BookCrossing zone.

After four o’clock and Sincil Street all but deserted, most of the shops closed. It would seem they open after 9 o’clock, some not until ten o’clock then close at four o’clock,

Then find a bus.


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