The Angel Coffee House

The Angel Coffee House

The Angel Coffee House

5 Nocturnes - Foss Dyke Navigation

5 Nocturnes – Foss Dyke Navigation

I thought Angel Coffee had closed, no sign, no lights when I walked by over Christmas New Year Holidays. Walking by this afternoon I saw a light and stuck my head in the door. It was open, and quite busy, and yet still no sign outside.

An exhibition of photos on the wall from local photographers, fresh cakes, fair trade tea and coffee. At least it was claimed fair trade and fresh cakes, but when asked, they did not have clue where their tea and coffee was sourced from and they admitted they did not make the cakes themselves (they looked like factory cakes and so did not try).

Some of the photographers were using Instagram, which I advised was a very bad idea.

I suggested turn the coffee shop into a BookCrossing zone.

Although nicely done out, I found the place rather pretentiousness, too much like Starbucks or Costa whilst at the same time trying a little too hard not to be.

For quality original art, quality coffee and scrumptious cakes try Café 44 in Sincil Street, for the best coffee in town, lovely old building and delicious food and cakes Stokes on High Bridge is a must, and for delicious cakes try Greenhouse coffee shop on Burton Road up past Lincoln Castle.

The Angel Coffee House is located in what was once the Old St Swithin’s Hall. There used to be on the site St Swithin’s Church (that opposite with the spire the Victorian replacement). The little park is what was once the graveyard, the large flagstones that form the paths are the headstones from the graves.

Friday night launch of a new album from the composer Jamie Crofts 5 Nocturnes for Piano – The Foss Dyke Navigation at Night. The music was inspired by watching the Foss Dyke at night. It forms part of Jamie’s ongoing series of Octonic Fields. The CD Digipak and CD were produced as part of a limited edition of 500 copies. It may have been worth going, but heavy snow forecast.

What I did not appreciate at the time, I met Jamie Crofts when I popped into the Angel.

One Response to “The Angel Coffee House”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Monday I was able to pick up a copy of 5 Nocturnes from The Angel Coffee House, where it had been launched on Friday night with 100 free copies given away.

    With a wish to hand out 100 copies on Friday night, one would have thought Jamie Crofts would be pleased copies were still being handed out, that Angel Coffee were doing him a favour, but apparently not.

    There’s nowt as queer as folks.

    Somehow I do not think an album is 850mb. On the other hand 850MB yes.

    That is why artists and composers who know what they are doing use bandcamp, as you reach a far wider audience, if you want to give away free, then 200 downloads per month, it is easy to share, and if you want someone to listen, then can listen on-line or download or you can embed in a blog for them.

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