Taxi in the garden

Direct Cars of Lincoln taxi in garden

Direct Cars of Lincoln taxi in garden

tow truck extracting taxi

tow truck extracting taxi

Friday it snowed in the afternoon, again at night. Saturday cleared the snow. 1am, early hours of this morning, a couple of centimetres or more of snow. This morning more snow, still snowing and a taxi in the garden!

Direct Cars of Lincoln 01522 587587 taxi No 28 registration KU53 WVC halfway down the garden.

I am baffled how it got there. Tracks can be seen coming down the hill. If he had been coming down the hill too fast and skidded and overshot, then yes, I could see how he ends up halfway down the garden, but not the case. He has turned around, backed into the drive, then ended up halfway down the garden.

He has tried to get out, churning up the lawn. He has called a mate, more churning up of the lawn. The two taxi drivers have now vanished. No explanation of where they have gone. They have though had the decency to call at the house and apologise.

The only way they are going to get out is with a tow truck towing them out, expecept now the taxi is at an awkward angle, making extraction difficult.

Up the road a farmhouse. If they asked nicely, maybe the farmer can rescue them with a tractor.

The taxi company Direct Cars of Lincoln has been called. They deny all responsibility or liability, saying take it up with the taxi driver as private drivers with their own cars.

Taxi company is wrong. They need to seek legal advice. Recent test case through the courts, they are liable. It is for the taxi company and driver to resolve the issue between themselves, but taxi company cannot shrug their shoulders and say not us guv.


The taxi driver claimed he was picking up a fare that had been cancelled. Speaking to neighbours, no one had called a taxi. No footsteps in the snow to any neighbour. One neighbour had seen him back into the drive sometime around 7-30 to 7-45. Tracks in the snow bear witness to this. 8am he was down the garden. No one can understand what he was doing there or how he came to be down the garden.

If this taxi driver is unable to handle his car in the snow, which he clearly cannot, then he should not be driving in the snow, he should not have a taxi licence.

Midway I decided to clear the snow. I looked out the window and saw a tow truck belonging to Direct Cars had pulled the car out of the garden. They had not had the courtesy to call or ask was it ok.

As I was clearing the snow, I heard a shout, let’s get going quick, a rev of an engine. I looked and they had gone. The taxi driver slunked off without giving any contact details, without offering to pay for the extensive damage caused to the lawn.

Whilst clearing the snow, two more cars go stuck in the snow.

One wonders, why, if people cannot handle a car in the snow, why they venture out, as they are a danger not only to themselves, but everyone else, including cyclists and pedestrians.

With the help of neighbours, road cleared of snow, apart from where tow truck and cars have compacted the snow.


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