Snowy morning in Lincoln

Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge

It had been snowing yesterday, but luckily the roads were clear.

In Lincoln not long before 10am, but not many people around. Too cold, not much above freezing.

Most of the morning spent with Stokes to see their roasting of coffee.

Up the High Street, up The Strait.

Olibers coffee shop not open, not open when I came back down. I am told they open when they feel like it, no sign with opening times. Maybe they have closed. I cannot see how they can survive.

Looked in Modern Classics, more of a café than a coffee bar, though serving Stokes coffee. Interesting inside but I do not like their garish sign which is out of keeping with the street. One of many indie coffee shops in Lincoln.

Up The Strait, up Steep Hill. I was not sure I would make it, but the snow had cleared. Had it not cleared, I may have made it up, but doubt it down.

I decided to climb to the top, as Browns Pie Shop is where Lawrence of Arabia once resided. It was when he was at RAF Cranwell and during the period he wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I am sure many people have walked past and not notice the plaque on the wall, as had I. The only reason I knew it was there was a few days ago, looking at a photo of Browns Pie Shop I saw a plaque on the wall, was curious, and zoomed in.

On the way down, popped in Readers Rest to say goodbye. An amazing indie bookshop. Thirty years in business and now closing down.

Lunch at County Restaurant. A mushroom stuffed with cheese.

In the afternoon, a walk along a country lane outside Washingborough.

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