Readers Rest

Readers Rest

Readers Rest

A snowy climb up The Strait and Steep Hill, on my way down I popped in Readers Rest to say goodbye.

Readers Rest is a veritable rabbit warren of a bookshop. The type of bookshop it is a pleasure to visit, where the owner knows books. Not like Waterstone’s, a chain that sells books.

Speaking to the owner he said he has had a good 30 years, but was now losing money, cannot afford to pay the rates and has decided to call it a day. He will be closing in a couple of months. When I looked in a couple of weeks ago, he said people come in, browse, comment on what a lovely old bookshop, then walk out empty handed. Today he said, they are happy to pay three pounds for a cup of coffee, but begrudge a couple of pounds for a book.

As we were talking a customer walked in and found a book he liked. He said Readers Rest was a Lincoln landmark and he was sorry to hear from our conversation that it was closing.

It is a crying shame when shops like this close. It was not only the books, it had character, around the bookshop were quotes from books or on books.

I picked up his only two Paulo Coelho books, very sad, my last purchase from Readers Rest. Each has his distinctive pencilled price inside the front cover.

He commented The Alchemist, one of my purchases, was very popular. I said yes, Paulo Coelho a personal friend. I then told him of my experience of Waterstone’s when Aleph was published, an international best seller across Europe and yet in Waterstone’s they did not even know who the author was.

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