Afternoon walk in the snow near Washingborough

Lincoln Cathedral seen across snow covered fields

Lincoln Cathedral seen across snow covered fields

After a snowy morning in Lincoln, I decided to take a walk in the snow near Washingborough, a small village outside Lincoln.

I walked up Church Hill, past Washingborough Hall, over the main road and down the little lane the other side.

I expected the lane to be snow bound but it wasn’t. I have in the past walked along in the ruts in the snow.

I stopped where the lane dipped downhill, not walking to the end.

It was not too cold walking, but was when I stopped. I had been waking south with the slight breeze to me back. When I turned around, I was walking into the wind coming in from the north. Very cold.

As I reached the village I could hear the church bells ringing. As the church is rarely open, I was tempted to make a detour to the church but as I was now feeling cold and tired, I decided to give it a miss and continued on down Church Hill past Washingborough Hall.

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