Martha, Meals and Malawi (updated)

Over Christmas an updated version of Martha, Meals and Malawi was broadcast. They tacked on the end what had happened since the trip to Malawi, for example award from Liberty. It is a pity though the BBC did not extend the running time of the programme, as it meant something had to be edited out of the original programme.

Since the original broadcast of Martha, Meals and Malawi, has seen the publication of NeverSeconds, telling the behind the scenes story of NeverSeconds. Shame on Waterstone’s for not having NeverSeconds on display.

BBC Radio Scotland broadcast a half hour documentary.

Most end of year reviews featured Martha and her blog.

The year ended with NeverSeconds clocking up over nine million hits.

To date, Argyll and Bute Council that thought it ok to bully a nine-year-old schoolgirl, to smear a decent family, has yet to apologise.

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