Flashmob oficina paro (Carne Cruda 2.0)

Flashmob en Madrid (España) organizado por el programa de radio Carne Cruda 2.0

Austerity is not working, the euro is not working.

In UK, the ConDem government has used the deficit as an excuse to continue its slash and burn of public services, welfare benefits are to be cut.

An example of the cuts mean-spirited Wandsworth has tried to send in the bulldozers to destroy Battersea Park Adventure Park, but so far stopped by parents and children occupying the site.

Society is judged by how it treats its children.

Serious problems with gang culture, young lives being destroyed, and yet Wandsworh wants to send in the bulldozers to destroy an adventure playground where kids feel safe, that keeps them off the streets.

But across Europe, austerity measures are destroying society.

In Greece, people are eating out of bins, suicide rates are soaring.

In Spain, unemployment is running at 25%, youth unemployment at 50%.

Carne Cruda 2.0, a radio station, decided to run a flashmob in a Job Centre, to Here Comes the Sun.

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