Morning in Lincoln

Lincoln swans on River Witham

Lincoln swans on River Witham

Nine in the morning, I expected to see fewer people in the High Street the holiday season now over, but not so, though the mix had changed. Grim faced, determined stride, workers on their way to work. Why do people always look so miserable on their way to work?

Last week the River Witham was flowing at a leisurely pace, compared with previous two weeks when flowing very fast due to heavy rain, this morning it was not flowing at all. I can only assume it must be tidal.

In the Central Market a whole food stall. Let us assume it does well and may wish to expand. Sincil Street offers that opportunity, but not if demolished, once again illustrating the crass stupidity of the City Council, the developers best friend.

Morning tea in Stokes on High Bridge. I explored all floors. Apart from popping in last week, I have never been in Stokes before. I had then hoped to look in on Stokes roasting their coffee beans. They had been roasting Monday, and had only a small amount to roast today, and were finishing.

Waterstone’s Lincoln High Street had not a single copy of NeverSeconds and still the staff not heard of NeverSeconds though the girl I spoke to was at least helpful (former Ottaker’s which explains a lot) unlike the rude female before Christmas.

From Superfi top of the High Street a cable, miniature headphone socket to two phono plugs, gold plated, oxygen free copper, with a price to match

Indie coffee bar Olibers empty as usual as I walked up The Strait. Empty when I walked down later. I would have popped in and said hello to the little girl who served me last week and the attractive blonde behind the counter, but all I saw was a miserable looking woman with dark hair. Difficult to see how Olibers can survive with no customers.

Walked up The Strait, up Steep Hill, through Bailgate and into Newport. Not worth the effort, nothing of interest in Newport.

A small restaurant Marcelli’s Deli & Bistro not open, had it closed down? Nothing to indicate if open, when open. I am told Marcelli’s has a good reputation, but no way of confirming if not open, no idea when or if open. Strange way to run a business.

Walking back through Bailgate, walked down a side street that leads to a car park by the walls of Lincoln Castle. Small shop with very old clocks.

There is a very old watchmaker’s shop on Steep Hill. It is rarely open.

Readers Rest was not open. It now seems to open on a whim.

A shop selling vintage clothing had a horrible crudely drawn Sale sign in the window. It completely destroyed the appearance of the shop. Why do people have such lack of understanding of style and taste?

Lunch at the County Restaurant. Bangers and mash undercooked Lincolnshire sausages.

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