Dinner at Mill Lodge

Costa Coffee pushed in your face

Costa Coffee pushed in your face

rump steak, chips and peas

rump steak, chips and peas

Mill Lodge used to be a good place to eat. Used to be is the operative phrase. Last year it had gone down hill, it has now gone further downhill.

As you walk in, full in your face is Costa Coffee, we are proud to serve Costa Coffee. Would not ashamed be more appropriate? Why would anyone be proud to serve Costa Coffee?

Mill Lodge at Canwick just outside Lincoln is Premier Inn, owned by Whitbread, Costa Coffee is owned by Whitbread.

The menu highlights Costa Coffee, they really are pushing this rubbish. That in itself a cue to leave, and in the normal run of things I would have walked out. Any place proud to serve Costa Coffee is a place to avoid.

Yes when launched by the Costa brothers in 1971, Costa was a quality coffee. But those days have long gone. Even one of the founding brothers avoids Costa.

For starters garlic mushrooms. Very hard outer casing. A dip, not cooked with garlic butter. The best that could be said, hot.

For main rump steak. This was as tough as old boots. The chips were old and dried up, not served fresh. The peas ok.

To drink a pint of Black Sheep, the only real ale on offer. A decent beer.

For dessert, strawberry sundae. It looked nice, it was not. A mistake.

The décor is pleasant.

Mill Lodge is a chain, and it showed. Too many items on the menu for a decent meal. Upmarket fast food.

Mediocre food. Not an establishment that I would recommend or wish to visit again.

Mill Lodge is located at the top of Canwick Hill, on the south side of Lincoln.

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