Afternoon tea at Lincoln Cathedral tea shop

Lincoln Cathedral tea shop

Lincoln Cathedral tea shop

Around the back of Lincoln Cathedral (where can be found flying buttresses and Alfred Lord Tennyson) is the entrance to the tea shop. It can also be accessed if already in the Cathedral from the cloisters.

This is quite a charming little tea shop, and apart from sticking my head in following a silent meditation at Mary Magdalene during the Winter Solstice, I have not visited this tea shop for years.

On offer, teas, coffee, cakes …

I had tea, and what I thought was carrot cake, but as it tasted of ginger could not be sure what it was. I do not think it was freshly made, probably bought in factory cake, and nowhere compared with the excellent carrot cake from Café Mila in Godalming.

A door leads out of the tea shop and into the cloisters. A pity they have now placed tables and chairs in the cloisters as it completely ruins the cloisters.

Winter is not the best time to view the cloisters. Summer is best, when the sun catches the limestone and gives it a warm glow. In the winter the stones look cold.

A pair of Peregrine falcons have taken up residence in the towers (to them it resembles a cliff face). One would expect it to keep down the population of pigeons, but according to the staff, not so, and they have been seen hunting as far afield as woods in North Hykeham.

The tea and coffee are fair trade. The coffee is supplied by Stokes.

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