Martha Payne and NeverSeconds top news story of 2012

msn heroes of 2012

msn heroes of 2012

Bad things can sometimes turn into good things. I am glad I didn’t give up. — Martha Payne

Just swapped present with my Mom. We both bought the book, we laughed we hugged we fed 50 in Malawi thank you veg. — Robert Hird

Martha Payne and her food blog NeverSeconds have featured up there with Pussy Riot, Malawa and tax dodging Starbucks as top news stories of 2012.

BBC recorded the crass stupidity of bully-boys at Argyle and Bute Council trying to shut down NeverSeconds as the second most requested news story on Scotland.

BBC also recorded Martha and NeverSeconds as one of the top viral news stories of 2012.

Daily Telegraph named Martha as one of the Top Ten Britons of 2012. Yesterday she was featured on the front page.

Nor was it only the UK media, the international media also featured Martha Payne and her food blog NeverSeconds in their reviews of 2012, up there with the man who fell to earth, Aung San Suu Ky, Pussy Riot, Malawa.

For msn, Heroes of 2012.

Huffington Post called 2012 a people powered year. People can and do make a difference, it does not have to be apathy rules ok.

Seven months ago, Martha Payne was an ordinary nine-year-old from a tiny Scottish village – Lochgilphead in Argyll and Bute – who started a blog about her unhealthy school meals. When the local council banned Martha from writing her blog, she made headlines around the world and gained millions of fans, including Jamie Oliver, who campaigned to get her blog back on-line. To date, it has recorded nearly nine million hits, raised over £127,000 for the charity Mary’s Meals. In October, Martha visited the school kitchen in Blantyre, Malawi, which was built with money donated by her fans.

Martha has now opened up her blog to guest blogs from around the world, has inspired others to follow her excellent example.

Over Christmas, BBC broadcast an updated edition of Martha, Meals and Malawi.

During the year, Martha has picked up numerous awards, including Campaigner of the Year on Freedom of Expression from Liberty.

Together with her father David, Martha has co-authored a book NeverSeconds, which tells the story of her blog, standing firm against the bully-boys at her local council, the trip to Malawi. For each copy of NeverSeconds sold, 25 meals for Mary’s Meals.

What is unbelievably perverse is that a chain like Waterstone’s, that masquerade as bookshops, the staff have not a clue NeverSeconds, have never heard of it, it is not on display either in store or in the window. They had on their hands what was a potential best seller for Christmas, a market they have now missed, a book that should have been on display, piled high. No surprise Watersone’s is one of the High Street chains predicted to go under in 2013

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