Lunch at County Restaurant

carrot and orange soup

carrot and orange soup

County Restaurant was one of the best kept secrets in Lincoln. This used to be a good place to eat, but sadly has gone downhill.

Carrot and orange soup was interesting. I could not quite make up my mind whether or not I liked it.

After that it was downhill.

Chicken Kiev with potatoes and sweetcorn.

Chicken Kiev can either be excellent or pretty disgusting. This was disgusting. White van chiller fare hotted up. Cheap nasty chicken. The potatoes tasted awful. The sweetcorn was ok.

County Restaurant used to have excellent desserts. Hot puddings now restricted to Wednesday and Friday.

Low fat yoghurt is not a healthy choice. Full of unpleasant chemicals.

Takeaways served in burger-style polystyrene boxes is totally unacceptable. This is appalling hypocrisy by Lincolnshire County Council. They should be setting a standard on recycling, not do as we say not as we do. There are available card boxes for hot food, with cellulose plastic lids, all biodegradable. See for example Food for Thought in Covent Garden and Iydea in Brighton.

There can be absolutely no excuse for using polystyrene burger boxes destined for landfill or incineration when biodegradable alternatives are readily available.

Lincolnshire is an agricultural county. The County Council should be showcasing local produce from local farms.

County Restaurant has an excellent kitchen, two excellent chefs. They should not be serving white van chiller rubbish.

You do not employ a dog and bark yourself. Neither do you employ good chefs and insult them by reducing them to hotting up white can chiller food.

County Restaurant used to serve excellent lunches, one of the best kept secrets in Lincoln. A shame to see standards have slipped so low.

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