Facebook founder complains a private facebook photo made public

Zuckerberg spat with Schweitzer

Zuckerberg spat with Schweitzer

You have to laugh when facebook founder complains a private facebook photo made public.

Randi Zuckerberg — older sister to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — posted a photo from a family gathering to Facebook (of course), showing her sisters using Facebook’s new Snapchat-esque ’Poke’ app on their phones, with Mark Zuckerberg watching with a confused look on his face. It popped up on the Facebook newsfeed of mediaite Callie Schweitzer who subscribes to Zuckerberg. Assuming the photo was a public one, Schweitzer tweeted it to her nearly 40,000 Twitter followers. Zuckerberg was not pleased.

How did this happen?

Facebook has once again changed privacy settings. The picture got out due to tagging.

Tagging is a violation of privacy, people may not wish to be tagged in a photo.

Rather than faulting facebook for what it does best, violating personal privacy, Randi Zuckerberg had the gall to blame Schweitzer. She tweeted:

Always ask permission before posting a friend’s photo publicly. It’s not about privacy settings. It’s about human decency.

It makes you want to throw up, a member of the Zuckerberg family tweeting to others about respecting privacy and human decency when the entire facebook business model is built around violating personal privacy. When facebook is only too happy to sell your personal data and everything you do.

Earlier this month Instagram (owned by facebook) changed their terms and conditions. Your photos would be sold to advertisers, you would not even be told about, let alone paid.

Pot calling the kettle black!

It would appear to be OK to violate the privacy of facebook users, but not if their name is Zuckerberg

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5 Responses to “Facebook founder complains a private facebook photo made public”

  1. Right Beat Radio Says:

    I think that is very funny

  2. henrywilliamsonn Says:

    Reblogged this on henrywilliamsonn.

  3. Misako Says:

    Wow, it started ironic-funny, but her “lecture” tweet did make me want to throw up. Who is she to tell the world about digital etiquette, oh, my.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Exactly, it makes you want to throw up when a a member of the Zuckerberg family lectures the world about digital etiquette. Maybe she should look in the mirror.

  5. keithpp Says:

    Mark Zuckerberg’s sister learns life lesson after Facebook photo flap

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