French cuisine

French cuisine

French cuisine

Velouté d’oseille fait maison à déguster avec soit une pointe d’asperge, une feuille d’estragon, une pointe d’échalotte fraîche, une feuille de basilic ou une pointe de fois gras. Agneau sauce crème fraîche, oseille, sarriette, thym du jardin… Toast terrine de ceps.

Cream of sorrel, homemade taste with an asparagus tip, a leaf of tarragon, a touch of fresh shallot, a basil leaf or a slice of foie gras. Lamb cream sauce, sorrel, savory, thyme from the garden.

Of memory rate reduction sorrel is a big number math, remove the tail of course you do not throw fresh leaf without putting your butter before, fresh cream liquid is very good, no lemon is acidic enough, no eggs, nothing else, it alters the taste. Cook potatoes in water, mix, blend, finely. Flower of salt, pepper, cloud of nutmeg. And you let melt in the choice, fresh goat cheese, a dollop of foie gras, a raw salmon marinated in lemon juice, drain, etc, and it depends if you want to serve cold or hot, depending. Asparagus, basil, tarragon leaf, fresh shallot tip or bouquet of fresh finely cut grass, or other idea is just a hint that you place on your cream to take a trip in circle with your lips, natural.

Courtesy Laetitia Kava who prepared these delicious dishes last night.


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  1. chicken soup Says:

    I discovered my good friend Lor has commented as well.
    If she gave you five forks then I understand you’ll find it superior.

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