NeverSeconds in Lincoln

Waterstone's Lincoln former Corn Exchange

Waterstone’s Lincoln former Corn Exchange

WHSmith not a clue NeverSeconds, not on their system, not on the shelves.

Waterstone’s market not a clue NeverSeconds. Guy was helpful and did agree they should have more in, and on display. One on the shelf.

Waterstone’s High Street (sick joke staffed by people who LOVE books and love talking about books) not a clue NeverSeconds and girl got quite stroppy when it was pointed out had loads of publicity. One on the shelf.

What is wrong with these chains that masquerade as bookshops, that employ staff who seem to know nothing about books, that have on their hands what was a potential best seller for Christmas, a market they have now missed, a book that should have been on display, piled high?

The problem is, chain ‘bookshops’, only display what they are paid to display by the big publishers, not display based on merit.

NeverSeconds has now recorded over 8.9 million hits. Through NeverSeconds Martha went on to raise over £120,000 for a school kitchen in Malawi called Friends of NeverSeconds, and was invited to Malawi to inaugurate the kitchen. Now over £126,000 raised for Mary’s Meals.

With the help of her father David, Martha has co-written a book NeverSeconds, which tells the story of her blog, standing firm against the bully-boys at her local council, the trip to Malawi.

Over Christmas, will see a re-broadcast of updated BBC documentary, Martha, Meals and Malawi.

The story of Martha Payne has inspired a woman to support a school in Malawi. A pity it has not inspired our useless bookshop chains to have NeverSeconds on prominent display in order that more would be inspired.

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