Morning in Lincoln

Lincoln Central Market

Lincoln Central Market

Lincoln Steep Hill

Lincoln Steep Hill

Before nine o’ clock in the morning and Lincoln High Street was already busy, usually at this time of day it would be all but deserted.

WHSmith not a clue NeverSeconds, not on their system, not on the shelves.

Oxfam shop, books more than a couple of shelves, but what a pity they have closed their excellent bookshop in Sincil Street.

Waterstone’s market not a clue NeverSeconds. Guy was helpful and did agree they should have more in, and on display. One on the shelf.

Sincil Street is still earmarked for demolition. A row of Victorian buildings (if not earlier). The shops provide business opportunities for small businesses. But where there is development, there is money to be made. This row is all that remains of the heritage in this area.

The River Witham following a day of rain, very high, a chocolate brown colour, flowing very fast, with deep ripples on the surface. Another foot or so and this area will be flooded.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of new coffee shops from a year ago. What is excellent news is all are indie coffee shops, not aggressive chains.

A wholefood stall in the Central Market, had a list of events for the Winter Solstice, that being today. One of which was a meditation at Mary Magdalene Church in the Castle Square.

I was going to try out one of the coffee shops, but no time, if I was to walk up to the Cathedral. I did though pop into the coffee shop in Sincil Street. Obviously very popular as busy. Interesting art on the walls.

More new coffee shops up the High Street, The Strait and Steep Hill.

Mary Magdalene Church knew nothing of the meditation, but around nine people turned up. Lucky to find it open, as usually not open.

A walk all the way around the cathedral. A quick look in their lovely tea shop, which I am pleased to see is still there. Then back down the hill.

In The Works, a remainder bookshop, I was pleased to find copes of Aleph, Paulo Coelho.

But what is wrong with the other bookshops, NeverSeconds, a potential Christmas best seller, of which they know nothing, let alone have on display?

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