Merry Christmas from Taste Communications

Taste Communications, instead of sending out corporate Christmas cards this Christmas, decided instead to set up a stall and give away free food. They also made a donation to Mary’s Meals, which will go towards feeding school kids in Africa.

Through her blog NeverSeconds, Martha Payne has now raised over £125,000 for Mary’s Meals. Her book NeverSeconds co-written with her father David, for each copy sold, 25 meals for Mary’s Meals. A pity bookshops do not have NeverSeconds on prominent display as it would have been a run away Christmas best seller. An update of Martha, Meals and Malawi, will be show over Christmas.

In November, Covent Garden Soups had quite literally a soup kitchen. Where else other than Covent Garden!

I noticed the other day in a fairly run down area, where even a charity shop had pulled out the shop then sitting empty, the shop is to re-open as a food bank.

Banks are on the decline, the future may by peer-to-peer lending as the crooked corporate banks are no longer trusted.

Banks may be on the decline, banks that steal our money, food banks are on the rise due to the ConDem government waging war on the poor and disadvantaged.

If the ConDem government thought they had public support for their viscous attacks on the poor and disadvantaged, they made a big mistake. According to an Ipsos Mori poll, only 27% think benefit cuts were ok or should be deeper, while 69% think benefits should rise with or above inflation.

What people wish to see is a fairer society, the rich paying higher taxes and tax dodgers dealt with.

Taste Communications is a PR company promoting Scottish food.

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