Sunday lunch at The Keystone

The Keystone Sunday roast

The Keystone Sunday roast

I was heading for Debenhams, or maybe the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, until I remembered The Keystone did a Sunday roast. I decided to give it a try. A big mistake.

I expected The Keystone to be packed. It wasn’t, it was almost empty. I should have taken that as a sign.

Shoulder of pork slow roasted for ten hours sounded delicious. It was off. As was the beef. All that was left was nut roast or turkey. I should have walked out. I decided to stay. A big mistake.

I ordered turkey. The beer I ordered was also off.

Service at The Keystone is bad at the best of times. Today was no exception. A long wait before my meal arrived. Was it worth the wait? No.

The turkey looked disgusting. My eyes did not deceive me, it was disgusting. The broccoli was overcooked, the carrots were undercooked, as were the parsnips. I do not know what was wrong with the potatoes, maybe going bad, but they tasted horrible.

The entire meal was disgusting, and although I was hungry, I could not eat it and ended leaving most of it.

This was worse than Debenhams on a bad day and very poor compared with Debenhams on a good day, and no where comparable with The Foresters near Church Crookham who do an excellent carvery on a Sunday.

A shame as usually the food at The Keystone is very good.

Still feeling hungry, I wandered round to Debenhams for afternoon tea.


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