Sunday afternoon in Guildford

Debenhams restaurant overlooking River Wey

Debenhams restaurant overlooking River Wey

Sunday is not a day I would normally spend in Guildford. The train service is bad, Guildford is too busy, and this Sunday of all Sundays, last weekend before Christmas.

And so it was, afternoon in Guildford.

The train times have changed. I thought maybe rail works, but no, the timetable has changed. Pain to get down to Brighton unless a winter timetable, as I would catch the Gatwick train, change at Gatwick, a few minutes wait, then be in Gatwick by midday. Now train does not get to Gatwick until nearly midday. I shall have to make further inquiries.

Sunday, only half as many trains, one train an hour.

The train was packed. Half heading for Gatwick, half heading for Guildford.

When are the train companies going to wake up to the fact people travel on a Sunday, we require the same service as in the week?

Alighting at Guildford, it was pleasantly mild.

Walking along the River Wey, it was fast flowing and muddy.

Sunday lunch at The Keystone. A big mistake. It was disgusting. A pity, as the food in The Keystone is usually very good.

Still hungry, I had tea and cake at Debenhams.

On the bridge, a little Christmas fair with stalls, mostly selling tat, though not as bad as the tat on the stalls in the High Street.

Leaving The Keystone it was noticeably colder.

Leaving Debenhams, I had a quick wander up and down the High Street.

I was then just in time to miss the rain as I headed for St Nicolas Church for Nine Lessons and Carols. This was followed by mulled wine.

I missed one train, next train over an hour later. Possibly fortunate I missed a train, as when I walked to the station, there had been heavy rain, and I delayed heading for the station until the heavy rain stopped.


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