Massacre of the innocents

Crime scene

Crime scene

massacre of the innocents

massacre of the innocents: one little five year old executed

a little girl wrote this to her father who has a brain tumour

a little girl wrote this to her father who has a brain tumour

A little boy who died wrote this during the lockdown

A little boy who died wrote this during the lockdown

Stop handguns before they stop you

Stop handguns before they stop you

In addition to his two handguns, the killer in CT this morning used an assault rifle called The Bushmaster. — Michael Moore

This morning a crazy man attacked 22 children at an elementary school- in China. But all the crazy man had was a knife. Number of dead? Zero. — Michael Moore

I love each child I teach and have taught here in the U. S. My heart goes out to the teachers, students, friends and parents of those killed. — Elaine Street

The NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your children to school and expect them to come home alive. — Michael Moore

Once again a massacre in a school, this time primary school children gunned down by a lunatic armed to the teeth.

On Friday morning, 20 children and six adults were shot and killed at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT. This is the second mass shooting in the US this week, after a gunman opened fire in an Oregon shopping mall on Tuesday, killing 2. It was not so long ago that people were massacred at a Batman movie. ABC News reports that there have been 31 school shootings in the US since Columbine in 1999, when 13 people were killed.

The rate of people killed by guns in the US is 19.5 times higher than similar high-income countries in the world. In the last 30 years since 1982, America has mourned at least 61 mass murders.

Michael Moore: Here they are – all SIXTY-ONE mass shootings in the United States since Columbine. How many more, my fellow Americans?

How many more children to be killed before America takes on the gun lobby?

Captain Mark Kelly:

I just woke up in my hotel room in Beijing, China to learn that another mass shooting has taken place – this time at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the entire community of Newtown, CT. I just spoke to Gabby, and she sends her prayers from Tucson.

As we mourn, we must sound a call for our leaders to stand up and do what is right. This time our response must consist of more than regret, sorrow, and condolence. The children of Sandy Hook Elementary School and all victims of gun violence deserve leaders who have the courage to participate in a meaningful discussion about our gun laws – and how they can be reformed and better enforced to prevent gun violence and death in America. This can no longer wait.

Just 18 hours before, Republicans in Michigan House rammed through a bill making it LEGAL to carry a gun into a school or day care centre!

Michael Moore: 19 years ago today was the FIRST Aurora gun massacre. Here’s an essay from one who lived.

Gary Younge: Every day on average 8 children in America are killed by guns. In 2007 I picked a day and reported their stories.

What is heart rendering is the notes the kids who died were writing for their families.

There is only one question to be asked: Will Barack Obama have the guts to take on the gun lobby?

The garbage coming out of the gun lobby following this massacre, is truly sickening.

On the same day, a man went on the rampage in China and attacked primary schoolchildren. The difference was, although badly injured, none were killed.

The difference between guns and knives: guns are designed to kill, knives can be used to kill.


2 Responses to “Massacre of the innocents”

  1. Misako Says:

    Sorrow and pain… rather than that, I am at loss for words…

  2. keithpp Says:

    Please sign the petition calling for gun control.

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