Afternoon and evening in Guildford

Very cold this morning. Midday, still a hard frost in my garden.

Walking to the station to catch a train, very cold, hard frost everywhere.

Looking out from the train, very bleak, as though travelling through Siberia.

Lunch at Debenhams. A big mistake. Two weeks ago very good roast pork. Last week only roast turkey, and it had gone, leaving scraggly bit of chicken. The dinner was disgusting, the tables uncleared and dirty. Yet again turkey. Some imbecile has decided, must be Christmas, let us serve Turkey every day. Not as bad as last week, but still pretty disgusting. Best could be said of vegetables, luke warm. Speaking to one of the staff, I was told the manager was away for several weeks, the supervisor was useless, and that was why everything was so bad.

The idiots at Card Aid have finally moved their board, only now on the other side of the street. Useless jobsworth at Surrey have still not dealt with it. Probably waiting for someone to fall over, then we will have ringing of hands, shedding of crocodile tears.

Tea and cake at Glutton and Glee. Very nice, but not as good as the cake at Café Mila.

I very quickly looked in Guildford House. They have an exhibition of the portrait painter John Russell. It is on until February, so plenty of time for another day.

The little art gallery with artwork by Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan now has the music playing I dropped last week on loan from Ben’s Records. I was pleased, as it is working really well.

I was very struck by a painting by Shen Ming Cun, Preparing the Meal. There were several portraits, and although they were good, Preparing the Meal was exceptional. Of the style of an old Dutch Master.

A bowl of leak and potato at The Keystone. Very nice, but glad to get out. The Keystone was full of drunk, very loud lawyers from Guildford Chambers. They even stuck up a silly banner to let everyone know who they were. They ere worse than a bunch of football supporters.

A meeting on Palestine with Mousa Maria as speaker. Very interesting, even if very depressing. If anyone does not understand why Palestinians kill Israelis, this talk would have aided their understanding.

Train to Aldershot, then bus. Getting off the bus, it was pitch black, I could not see a thing, the local power had failed. I assume the extra power drain had caused the system to fail.

I had to wait for passing cars, to see my way across the road. My eyes slowly adjusted. Luckily fairly localised.

Very hard frost.


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