Afternoon Godalming evening Guildford

Godalming Station

Godalming Station

Godalming Parish Church

Godalming Parish Church

River Wey

River Wey

River Wey

River Wey

mature trees cut down

mature trees cut down

A hard frost this morning.

The River Wey in Godalming was different to two weeks ago, when it was close to overflowing its banks. It was still fast flowing, but not as fast or as high as two weeks ago.

Walking along the river, very cold, frost still on the ground.

I was shocked to see some very large, and thus old, trees had been felled. I asked a lady walking her dog, but she did not know why.

Lunch at Café Mila excellent.

WHSmith and Waterstone’s each had a single copy of NeverSeconds. What is wrong with these shops, why is NeverSeconds not on display?

I came out of Waterstone’s to find now dark and the main street shrouded in mist.

Bus to Guildford. A very strange woman on the bus. She had a child in a buggie, only it was not a child, it was a doll. It gave me the creeps.

I sat in Waterstone’s for about an hour reading NeverSeconds, their only copy. A must read.

Dinner at The Keystone, which was excellent. Two fish cakes and a little greenery.

Eden People at The Keystone. I gave away three Paulo Coelho books to grateful recipients as early Christmas presents: By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept, The Fifth Mountain, The Valkyries.

Meals at the Keystone are good. Buffets are not.

Driving back along the Hog’s Back, very foggy, hard frost. It had been cold and frosty all day. On leaving Guildford -2C, it then dropped to -3C.

Home a little before midnight.

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