Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

This brilliant animation by California Federation of Teachers could not explain better the situation we are in. Where the rich buy up politicians and they bark on their behalf. Or at local level, developers buy up planning officials who push through their unwanted developments against strong public opposition.

Last week, British Chancellor of the Exchequer made his Autumn Statement, a mini-budget in all but name. He launched an unprecedented attack on the poor and disadvantaged. The poorest 20% are to bear the brunt of cuts, meanwhile corporation tax drops again that is for those who pay it, but many like Starbucks simply do not pay, and yet no measures to deal with tax dodgers, that is left to UK Uncut, who last Saturday occupied Starbucks across the country.

Austerity is being used as an excuse to lay waste to public services, to cut benefits to the poor and disadvantaged.

In the US Big Money is used to buy votes. Big Money waged a massive campaign against Proposition 30 in California, the ballot measure to raise taxes to protect public schools and social services. They failed. These measures could not get through the State Legislature because the politicians are bought and paid for by Big Money. Big Money tried and failed to buy the Presidential elections. It was a landslide for Obama when the electorate saw the real Mitt Romney.

tax the rich not the poor

tax the rich not the poor

During his Autumn Statement pompous ass George Osborne let the mask slip, he spoke of the unemployed being too lazy to get out of bed in the morning. We had divide and rule, the deserving poor and the undeserving poor being pitted against each other, but both lost out in benefits cuts.

Why are we subsidising those in work? If they were paid higher wages they would not need a subsidy. What in reality we are subsidising is not the working poor, but Big Business that employs the working poor and refuses to pay a fair wage.

The subsidy goes even further when unemployed are forced to work for companies like Shoe Zone, Argus and Primark, for nothing. Or charities like British Heart Foundation.

Decline the opportunity to work for nothing and benefits are stopped.

The rich have the politicians in their pockets

The rich have the politicians in their pockets

The rich have the politicians in their pockets. If they do not do their bidding, no more bags of gold.

disabled bastardised by ATOS

disabled bastardised by ATOS

When the disabled are bastardised by ATOS, found fit for work by someone unqualified to pronounce on the subject, they do not only lose their disability benefits, they lose their free bus pass too.

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